Cancelling your Appointment
If you are unable to attend an appointment with one of the doctors or nurses, please telephone or use the link at the bottom of this page to cancel your appointment. By giving us as much notice as you can you are helping us to make sure that someone else is given your slot.

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Corona Virus

If you have arrived back from an affected area within 14 days, follow the specific advice for returning travellers.  Find out more on

Late Patients
If you are late for your appointment, the reception staff will check with the GP to see if you will still be seen, however if you are more than 10 minutes late you will have to re-book. If you feel you must be seen, please speak to the receptionist who can update the GP.

Telephone line options

Our telephone line has 4 options to choose from:


Option 1 - for genuine medical emergencies

Option 2 - for all other appointments including urgent or enquiries

Option 3 - for home visits

Option 4 - for test results


There is some confusion around Option 1 - and Option 2 when patients are looking for urgent appointments that day.   Option 1 should only be used for life threatening conditions such as:

Breathing difficulties/shortness of breath

Heart attack type symptoms


Heavy Bleeding

Palliative care

Severe allergic reaction


If you call option 1 and it is not a genuine emergency you will be asked to re-dial and chose option 2.  Please be aware we only have one incoming "option 1" line and you could be holding up a patient who is in an emergency situation.


Option 2 - appointments and enquiries - Appointments can be booked up to 5 weeks in advance - therefore if you are looking to book something in advance avoid the peak times -8-9am when more "urgent" calls are being taken.  This would also apply for general enquiries.


Option 3 - if you are unable to attend the doctor and wish to be seen, please call before 11 am.  Any calls after 11 am go to the emergency doctor to assess.


Option 4 - results line is available at the moment between 10 - 12 and again between 2 - 4 pm.  This is currently under review and may change though patients will be advised.

Updated Feb 16

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